domingo, 26 de junho de 2016

After Brexit: Circulates petition for independence from London

The vote was tight and there's a huge portion of voters who did not agree with the result â€" and mobilizes.

A petition was opened requesting the establishment of a second referendum. Petition for independence London signed by thousands of people the next day to Brexit.

"I'm very worried about the future of this country I think it was a mistake this referendum in the first place. Because very few people are actually qualified to make an intelligent and informed decision. People have followed just a knee-jerk reaction. "

"I think it was, like, shocked, scary there is a lot of tension around this. I hope the best, really-.. It wasn't what I wanted, but I hope the best "

The United Kingdom has chosen to leave the European Union (EU), after 52% of Britons voted by "Brexit".

Sadik Khan, Mayor of London sends the following "my message to Londoners who are European are all welcome I will ensure that, over the next few hours, in the next few days, we will reassure investors, we're open for business. We will continue to be the greatest city in the world, keeping an open mind and turned to the outside and it is important that the Londoners realize they have a President who will be on your side ".

The latest projections pointed to the signing of more than 160 1000 people. All petitions that receive more than 100 1000 subscriptions should go to debate in Parliament, according to the Britis h Constitution.

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