terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2016

British Finance Minister admits need for adjustment in the economy but that she is strong

British Finance Minister George Osborne said Monday that the United Kingdom is in a "strong position" to "deal with the consequences" of the output of the European Union. In a statement issued before the opening of the stock markets, Osborne admitted that it is "inevitable" an adjustment in the economy but that she's strong. Still, it takes time:

"We will not ' booming ' in the next few days. But let me be clear, should not underestimate our determination. We were prepared for the unexpected and ready for whatever happens. We are confident that, on the contrary, what was happening for eight years, the Britain's financial system will help our country to deal with any shocks, and not contribute to them or make them worse. "

But the uncertaint y, in the pós-Brexit, continue to affect the European markets. The pound remains low, against the dollar and fluctuations in the markets continue to be great.

Uncertainty created by the delay of decisions, by David Cameron, for October. To George Osborne's "reasonable" to expect the new Prime Minister. Already EU leaders want to see the situation resolved as soon as possible.

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