terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2016

Cameron reassures Europeans and asks the British trust

David Cameron reassures European citizens working in the United Kingdom and stated that the country will not turn back on I.

The Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition labor, Jeremy Corbyn, spoke in the House of Commons being the first parliamentary meeting after the referendum on Sunday that will drive the United Kingdom outside the Union.

"It was not the result that I wanted, nor the result which I believe to be the best for the country, but there can be no doubt about the outcome. Of course, I stand by what I said about the risks. It's going to be hard. We've already seen that there will be adjustments in the economy, in the constitutional issues and new trading complex to perform the output of Europe. But clearly my Office agreed this morning that the decision should be accepted and the process of implementation of the decision should be made in the best possible way must now start ".

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