quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2016

Daesh column air strike in Fallujah: one of the most deadly

American sources point to 250 dead on the side of the self-proclaimed Islamic State and for destruction of 40 vehicles, when the Organization's members traveled in column in an attempt to reach safe territory.

The attack was South of Fallujah, in a given zone have no civilians. Both Governments, of the United States and the Iraqi, had already given the city of Fallujah as free from Daesh, after being one of their bastions, from 2014.

The Iraqi aviation Commander Hamid Atiya Al-Maliki said: "we destroyed more than 138 vehicles and killed all who went inside. They left the bodies behind and took some wounded fighters with them. This operation broke the spine of terrorism. "

To confirm and stabilize the numbers, that the same American sources say may still change, this will be among the deadliest attacks on Daesh, which does not diminish the scaremongering about the aims and action capacity of the terrorist organization.

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