quinta-feira, 16 de junho de 2016

Euro 2016: Party between Russians and Slovaks, outburst of English

The Slovaks won the challenge by 2-1.

After the violence in Marseille on Saturday, there was the fear that the Russians might be involved in more trouble.

The Euronews correspondent in Lille, Andrei Beketov, explains the feeling that there was between Russian fans.

"When Russia was losing 2-0, the fans were demoralized. But when nearly tied were frustrated and angry. The Russians are expected in Central Lille by a group of English and Welsh, who think they have a score to settle with the Russians about what happened on the streets of Marseille and that we need some revenge. The situation is explosive and we are already hearing some clashes, "he said.

And in fact, in the Centre of Lille had British, some visibly drunk, causing unrest and the Ribbit against the Russians.

It was then that the police intervened and there have been clashes. The police resorted to tear gas

At least one person was arrested.

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