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Found "intact" the child attacked by alligator in Florida

Sheriff Jerry Demings said, look, the animal drowned the child and left the body near the site where he had been last seen. It is expected to be performed an autopsy very soon.

Sheriff says body of 2-year-old Lane Graves of Nebraska, snatched by gator in Florida, has been recovered. https://t.co/6YZaT3POsc

Authorities said the attack was an extremely rare event, although there are more than 1 million alligator throughout Florida. Disney World had shut down all the beaches at the beginning of the search. It is unclear when they will open

Although there are in zone warnings about the ban on swimming, the truth is that there is no reference about the existence o f alligators, which led the company to say that it "will review the situation."

The police say they will investigate the case to see if the parents could be charged with negligence, but everything points to that just will not happen.

The child was on the edge of the Lake when it was attacked by the animal. The father tried so desperately to fight the aligator, having suffered a hand injury, but neither he nor a lifeguard who was at the scene managed to save his son. According to several witnesses, the Gator should have between one and two meters.

BREAKING: Remains of missing toddler found after gator attack at Disney hotel https://t.co/MPc179WqzH pic.twitter.com/ZSgjH1QHne

The beach where the child was attacked is in luxury resort Grand Floridan, near the Magic Kingdom theme park (Magic Kingdom), from Disney.

Florida is the third most populous state of the United States, but the attacks dee alligators are rare. Since 1973, 23 people died in attacks, according to official statistics.

Alligator attack: How the swift, deadly reptiles kill their prey by drowning â€" https://t.co/DA9Yv7BA02… https://t.co/5vpnBIAhCu #alligator

The news of the death of the little Lane is just another of the tragedies that have shot down the State of Florida in recent days. Sunday, a man killed 49 people and left 53 injured when opening fire in a GAY nightclub in Orlando, in what is considered as the biggest attack of its kind in the entire history of the United States, Christina Grimmie, competitor of The Voice program, was shot dead on Saturday when he was signing autographs, also in Orlando.

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