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EURO2016: English Fans sentenced after riots in Marseille

Two English supporters, Alexander Booth and Ian Hepworth, were, this Monday, condemned to two and three months in prison, still, forbidden to return to France within the next two years.

The British were present in court, after the clashes on Saturday in Marseille, during the European Football Championship in France.

The father of Alexander Booth, who was sentenced to 2 months, manifested itself against the trial.

"This is a joke, it's pathetic! What is the sentence for French justice. Doesn't make any sense. No ... See more justice in trials in the public square, "says Chris Booth.

Booth confessed to shooting a plastic cup and insulted a police officer.

The lawyer of the two British, Marion Dutard, argues that French Justice intends to make them an example.

"I think we want this to be an exemplary verdict and want to send a message. We are at the beginning of the Euro so maybe it's to discourage this kind of behavior, to deter potential supporters to behave badly in the next games. To send a message to all the people that are potentially violent, "says Dutard.

This Monday were on trial four more English fans, an Austrian and three French.

In Saturday's riots, which resulted in 35 people injured, four in serious condition, were also involved at least 150 Russian supporters.

None were detained by French authorities.

England fans clash with police in Marseille: TV https://t.co/vVQ7Da0FMz pic.twitter.com/Sr2VN3kpD5

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