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Armament: France opens with perspective to overcome Russia in exports

The IHS Jane's 360 ensures that the last two years (2014-15) were the best in terms of Gallic sales the past few decades and this year will have already secured a package of Australian submarines valued at almost 35 1000 million euros. Joining the other businesses have realized, for example, with India, Saudi Arabia or Egypt, France should impose on Russia in 2018 the fall in the table of arms exports for the first time in decades.

Record breaking $65bn global defence trade in 2015 according to IHS4DefRiskSec our latest release: <a href="https://t.co/M2m2eLTVDD">https://t.co/M2m2eLTVDD</a><p>â€" IHS news (IHS_news) 13 de junho de 2016

The opening of the Eurosatory was, however, disturbed by the invasion of a group of activis ts. To cries of "Peace, not war", the attackers threw red paint and yellow paint against some of the military equipment on display and in some posters could read the comparison of this arms fair with a supermarket of death.

Leclerc tank gets a new paint job at #Eurosatory courtesy if some protestors! Haha. It blends quite well actually! pic.twitter.com/X9PWp3cj0X

#Eurosatory. The 2016 the #Défense fair is special. Answers with the general work.https://t.co/hZnvrD9TCq

Brazilian companies brand presence on the defence industry https://t.co/R9Bnfmt1jV#Eurosatory #Abimde pic.twitter.com/y1m1GhRvAI

One of the activists, Christpher Haton, reveale d work "in conflict zones" where has contacted with "problems caused by weapons and the problems of false security". "Security is important, I understand that. People need to feel safe, but there are other ways of working. I work a lot with refugees victims of weapons and equipment here for sale ", he warned.

The opening of this arms fair in Paris was attended by the French Minister of defence, Jean-Yves Le Drian, on a day when even the Pope Francisco appealed to the end of the free circulation of weapons in the world.

"It makes no difference where the weapons come from, they circulate shamelessly and with virtually absolute freedom in various parts of the world," lamented the high Pontífíce during a visit to the World Food Programme.

Pope Francis defends end free movement of arms around the world https://t.co/mbe5y0gRFN #economico #de pic.twitter.com/oZezz1Fdnm

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