terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2016

Iraqi troops gain ground in the fight against the Islamic State group

Despite advances in the fight against the extremists the situation of civilians on the ground is dramatic. Thousands of displaced people, who fled Fallujah, the city mainly controlled by the Group Islamic State, are now in a refugee camp to 30 kilometres from the locality.

Iraqi troops, with the help of popular forces, managed to open a corridor, after taking control of an important road, to help the civilians to flee the terror.

'' The Group Islamic State does not give us food or medicines. The Daesh only got death and havoc. Many people have been killed by bombings, by hunger. Those who remain in Fallujah has death, inevitable, '' explains Noor, a young displaced.

In Fallujah are still about of 50 1000 civilians. More than 20 1000 people have fled the city, located west of Baghdad, since the start three months ago, the operation to expel the Group Islamic State in the region.

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