terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2016

First woman mayor of Rome speaks to euronews

Virginia Raggi now has a major challenge: show the Italians that has enough strength to not disappoint who deposited confidence.

"Let's start by attacking superfluous and unnecessary spending. By what we perceive through a Commission on cost of two years, the waste amounts to 1200 million euros per year. Then we have to retrieve these waste and convert them into services ", clarified.

Raggi won the election with 67% of the vote, but the financial situation seems to be the core of many issues that affect the city.

"Then there's the big problem of debt renegotiation of the city of Rome, located between the 13 1000 million and 16 1000 million euros. We have to do an audit to figure out exactly what the Administration has done and named after renegotiate interest ", pointed out.

The five-star Movement of comedian Beppe Cricket obtained a historic result ", especially with the first place in Rome and Turin.

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