terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2016

Killer of Orlando said be "Islamic soldier"

The author of the massacre of Orlando was identified as "Islamic soldier" and threatened to detonate a car loaded with explosives. These are some of the new information were to be known with the release of the recordings of the calls of Omar Mateen to 911, the emergency number.

"The chronology of events, based on radio communications, clearly shows that the police arrived at the Club in the space of minutes and opened fire on the suspect. This detail is important, because he stopped immediately the fire and barricaded in the bathrooms with hostages, "said the press John Mina, Chief of police in Orlando.

The attack on a gay Club, last week, made 49 dead. There are also several dozen wounded, including several in serious condition.

Another important detail taken from the recordings is Mateen spoke Arabic with the 911 operator and asked for the end of American bombing of positions on Iraq and Syria Daesh.

The FBI will be still hiding details? Read here.

This is all the FBI is willing to let us know of one of two conversations between Omar Mateen and a 911 operator: pic.twitter.com/D7XDrnAPUW

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