quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2016

USA: Senate Democrats and Republican proposals fail

Also not passed two proposals, submitted by Republicans, about the same subject, a clear demonstration of antagonistic positions:

"Why go through a magazine so thorough to board a plane, and protect against terrorism, when we allow people who are on a list of terrorists buy a gun?"-Asks the Democratic Senator from Maryland, Barbara Mikulski.

Democrats and Republicans don't get along. Still, the second says it's time to put aside the differences and reach consensus. The question is who should yield:

"This is a serious problem that requires a serious response. There is surely a solution and I am committed to finding her. But to find this solution we must uni te us instead of competing proposals, most of which failed in the House when we voted for in December. Let's put aside the competition submit jointly a proposal for it to be effective and achieve a result for the American people, "said the Republican Senator from New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte.

A result difficult to achieve since it will not be easy to convince the Democrats to stop challenging the second amendment, and the free sale of arms, and the Republicans to cease to defend it as being a fundamental right laid down in the Constitution.

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