segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2016

France: less than 30% of flights cancelled due to Air France pilots ' strike

The company guaranteed, however, that flights to the cities that receive Euro2016 games, should not suffer interruptions.

Pilots industrial dispute: almost 80% of flights maintened on Sunday 12 June & #AirFrance commercial measures

To the President of the airline, the time chosen for the strike was inappropriate.

"Start a strike at the beginning of the Euro is something that I don't think it's beautiful. If there are things to discuss, let's discuss them, but not under pressure, "says Frédéric Gagey.

For the Air France pilots ' unions plan to pre ss the company's management to balance the working conditions with the Dutch partners KLM, which in its view are favored.

The two companies conducted a merger in 2004.

The Secretary General of Air France, SNPL Veronique Damon: "we would like to see growth in the next few years, was on Air France and not KLM."

For passengers, which saw cancelled flights or suffer delays, the strike should be called off.

"I think when you have the salary they have 6,000 euros at the beginning of his career and 18,000 at the end ... They should not go on strike, "said a Frenchman.

The Air France pilots ' strike began Saturday and continues until June 14.

According to the company, it is estimated that the pilots ' strike has a cost of about of 5 million euros.

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