segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2016

Third day of violence at Euro 2016

The riot police responded to a series of outrages by supporters in the old port of Marseille, in a police charge with tear gas and smoke bombs. Even after the gas and smoke dispersion supporters fight back by throwing bottles at the police.

Violent clashes also took place at the Velodrome Stadium, when Russian supporters stormed a section of English supporters after the match in which Russian and English teams tied. Before departure, the violence has also been on the streets.

EURO2016-incident (Video) the incredible violence of the clashes between hooligans in Marseille

The balance sheet so far is 35 people injured, of which 3:00 pm cr itical conditions and a British citizen of 51 years in very serious condition.

The police detained dozens of people.

Violent incidents have been recorded also in Nice, among French fans and of Northern Ireland, with seven people injured and more than two dozen detained.

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