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Massacre of Orlando: Daesh claims, 50 dead and 53 wounded. Omar Mateen, the shooter

A man opened fire in one of the most known LGBT nightclubs of the city of Orlando, in the center of the State of Florida, and killed at least 50 people, leaving 53 wounds, some of which with gravity. The attack occurred around 2 A.M. (local time, 1 hour later in Brasilia, 8 hours in Lisbon and Luanda) and the shooter died around 5 A.M. after a shootout with SWAT special intervention forces.

Approximately of 350 people were in the Club at the time of the attack, making the night of Saturday to Sunday a sellout party. The escape of the victims was particularly complicated, between shots and panic.

Omar Mateen will have committed the attack with more than one weapon. One of which an assault weapon, according to police sources of Orange County. Mateen would also have a device that has not yet been identified.

The Hospital Regional Medical Center in Orlando confirmed that came in 44 installations victims, including 9 fatalities. 26 emergency operations were performed that night.

The massacre has been considered as the worst occurred on American soil since September 11 and the worst attack with firearms in the entire history of the country, after the attack at Virginia Tech in 2007, which left 37 victims. In this case, however, there was no relationship with Islamic Jihadism. About six months ago, an American couple of Pakistani origin, killed 14 people and left 22 wounded in San Bernardino, California.

The man identified as the gunman in the massacre of Orlando w orked since September 2007 for G4S, considered the largest company in the world of security services and, according to a spokesman for the company, had access to a service weapon, authorized by the nature of their duties. It is unclear if Omar Mateen will have used the gun provided by G4S in the massacre.

Suspect identified as Omar Mateen, 29. An American citizen born in New York. FBI first became aware of him in 2013 <a href=""></a><p>â€" Orlando Police (OrlandoPolice) 12 de junho de 2016

Mateen was 29 years old and was born in New York City, the son of immigrants from Afghanistan. Resided at the time of the massacre, in the town of Port Saint Lucie, approximately 200 kilometres from Orlando. Although described by coworkers as "a peaceful m an", which was currently his wife said she was emotionally unstable and bipolar.

Florida authorities say they have in their possession evidence points to connect Omar Mateen with jihadi international networks. Police were cautious in their statements, however, insisting that if he talked about assumptions and that none of the leads allowed, so far, to reach a definitive conclusion.

. ChiefJohnMina officers shot & killed the suspect. In gunfire OPD officer shot: Kevlar helmet saved him <a href=""></a><p>â€" Orlando Police (OrlandoPolice) June 12, 2016

Mateen would have called for the 911, the emergency number of the United States, before the massacre of Orlando, claiming a relationship with the jihadists of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (EI) or Daesh, by its acronym in Arabic language, before the massacre.

"We have been informed that Mateen called 911 this morning, swearing allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State," said Ronald Hopper, of the FBI, part of the team in charge of analyzing the case.

In an exclusive interview on the American television network NBC, the father of Omar Mateen said that, when he was with the child on one occasion in Miami, saw as this was furious after witnessing a kiss between two men. However, argued that what happened on Sunday "had nothing to do with religion."

Mateen had been interrogated by the FBI twice, first in 2013 and the sec ond in 2014, after making comments to co-workers giving its support to militant jihadist groups. However, in none of the investigations found evidence of criminal activity, according to the authorities.

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, described the attack as an "Act of terrorism and hatred."

"We know enough to say that this was an act of terror, an act of hatred. As Americans, we should unite in grief and determination for the defense of our people, "said Obama.

The likely Republican presidential candidate in November this year, Donald Trump, who defended a ban on the entry of Muslims in the United States temporarily, said Mateen was just "a radical Islamic terrorist." Trump said on his Twitter social netw orking account that it was important to remain alert and vigilant. "

Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, lamented, but chose not to make any sort of comment regarding the possible motives of the shooter. Clinton proved yet solidarity with the LGBT community of the United States and said these include "with millions of allies in the country" and assumed as one such ally.

“To the LGBT community: please know that you have millions of allies across our country. I am one of them.” â€"Hillary

According to the Los Angeles Times daily, also on Sunday, a man was arrested in California with an assault weapon and explosives. Have told the authorities that he was in Los Angeles to attend the gay pride parades. The suspect was identified as James Howell, originally from Indiana.

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