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French citizen arrested in Ukraine on suspicion of preparing terrorist attacks making the Euro 2016

It was on Monday that the Ukrainian intelligence service SBU, announced the arrest of Gregory Moutaux, 25 years old, suspected of preparing attacks on French soil during the 2016 European Football Championship to be held in the months of June and July.

Moutaux was arrested on May 21 on the Polish-Ukrainian border after six months of investigation. According to Vasyl Hrytsak, Chief of the Ukrainian intelligence, Moutaux pleaneava attack a mosque, a synagogue and a French finance agency, to show their opposition to French immigration policy of the State, the expansion of Islam and globalisation.

EURONEWS welcome to Euronews. With regard to this operation, it is considered that was completed or there is still work to do?

VASYL HRYTSAK as far as I know, this person has worked for an agricultural company. However, had in his possession a weapon during his stay in Ukraine. We have evidence in photography and video, with images that clearly show with a Kalashnikov in his hand. And you can see that you know how to use it. The men of the special forces know how to put the finger on this type of weapon. On the trigger, but not in the receiver. And he was thrilled with the idea of committing terrorist attacks in France. Complained a lot and said that there is an organization to which it belongs. Not just seemed like someone who just wanted to buy weapons and deliver them in France.

EURONEWS that organization belongs to this man, according to the investigation?

VASYL HRYTS AK unfortunately I can't reveal all the evidence we have obtained so far. But it's probably a right-wing organization.

EURONEWS it is a French far right organization, or trasnacional?

VASYL HRYTSAK can't tell if they operate only in France. But the initial investigation allowed us to understand was that most of its members are French citizens.

EURONEWS and that Ukrainian military unit contacted the person concerned?

VASYL HRYTSAK With volunteer battalions and with representatives of the Ukrainian army. Failed in several attempts, in fact, before you get to us.

EURONEWS what would be a good contact for him? A special squad or the army? And who will sell you a gun?

VASYL HRYTSAK the given time and according to the provisions in the current Ukrainian legislation, national intelligence decided to start an operational relationship with a French citizen to understand his intentions to buy weapons and whether it would really commit terrorist attacks in Europe.

EURONEWS and how much did you pay?

VASYL HRYTSAK made several payments. When you like the conversation with a potential seller, offered a first payment in advance in the amount of 5 1000 euros. But there were more people involved with regard to payments and purchase of means of destruction. They brought the money, for the Ukra ine.

With the contribution of António Oliveira e Silva.

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