quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2016

Italian authorities have suspected of human trafficking

Italian prosecutors announced Wednesday the arrest of a person suspected of driving a huge network of human trafficking.

The individual, from Eritrea and known in the Middle by the nickname of "General", would have been responsible for trafficking in 7 to 8 thousand people last year alone.

Merer was arrested in Sudan last may in a coordinated operation between Italian and British authorities.

Researchers claim that on several occasions Merer would have paid high sums to Libyan officials to prevent the detention of migrants.

"We're not talking about rudimentary organizations b ut well-structured organizations: local weapons have, as demonstrated the conversations, logistics facilities, vehicles. Are true criminal organizations with branches along the route of migrants. Central Africa to Scandinavia, "said Italian Attorney Geri Ferrara.

This is the first time that an individual suspected of running a human trafficking network is held in Africa, a continent which forms the basis of the many networks of human trafficking, and who now faces the Italian justice.

This Wednesday, an Italian Coast Guard vessel rescued 223 migrants off the coast of Libya.

According to the international organisation for migration, this year would have reached Italy over 40 1000 migrants.

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