domingo, 5 de junho de 2016

Paris on alert with historical floods

For more than thirty years the river Seine not reached a level so high in Paris.

According to the French Ministry of the environment, the peak of the flooding can happen during the night of Friday, being expected to climb to 6 m or 6 m.

The Louvre, Orsay and Grand Palais ´ d were forced to close the doors, as well as the national library.

The Louvre and d'Orsay withdrew for safety, works of art and precious artifacts in Collections.

However, those who need to move in the French capital, need a good dose of patience.

The traffic is chaotic, there are subway stations closed, roads cut, trains not moving.

As in 12 departments, Paris is on orange alert. The red alert will be activated if the water level in the river Seine spend 7.13 m.

In the French capital, the floods make it feel a bit everywhere: parks, basements, parks and some ground floor, especially in the 16° neighborhood, were invaded by water.

The Paris Chamber announced the opening of two gymnasiums to house homeless people.

At national level, the floods have left about of 20,000 homes without electricity.

Since last weekend, 20,000 people were rescued in 16,000 interventions throughout the country.

The damage caused by flooding in the French departments affected must amount to at least 600 million euros, informed the President of the French Association of insurance, Bernard Spitz

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