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Radar: the public (l) ica itching of Löw and Grandma well-educated "googla" asking "please" and "thank you"

German striker Lukas Podolski defended coach Joachim Löw for seedy indiscreetly genitals â€" and have been caught by television cameras and direct expansion of the Act on social networks,-during the opening game of Euro 2016.

Löw, 56 years, was widely ridiculed in social networks by German fans for having his hand absentmindedly on the front of his pants during the game in which Germany won 2-0 to the Ukraine on Sunday.

The German press has dubbed the incident in Lille as the "Pants-gate".

However, Podolski left reporters in laughter at the press conference Tuesday, saying that the "mister" German only had done something that happens naturally. "I believe t hat 80% of you (journalists), and I also itch the testicles from time to time," said the Galatasaray with a big smile.

Why the excitement? #Fussball is just a ball sports #Loew #hosengate #Eierkraulen pic.twitter.com/MpCY0dCTQ6

Why does #Löw not the right idea when it comes to cameras in the stadium? (via MahmuudJaber) <a href="https://t.co/KfZWizctLN">pic.twitter.com/KfZWizctLN</a><p>-Klaas Reese (sporting culture) June 12, 2016

UEFA can be expected to accelerate the pulse to enthusiastic supporters in the preparation of the Euro2016, but the plans did not include the fact that the official mascot share the name with a popular sex toy.

Even before the event, it was noticed that Super Victor-a doll of a guy in a Cape holding a football-have a product available online cokm the same name and for a more adult audience. Parents who sought to acquire a plush mascot doll for children might find something completely different and unexpected.

The governing body of European football has made it clear that the sex toy is not produced by UEFA as part of the competition. Or any other. A spokesman said: "all we can say is that is not produced by UEFA."

The website says: "the name Super Victor is inspired by the idea of victory and refers to the powers that the mascot won when he discovered the magic Cape, and boots the ball."

The mascot will travel throu ghout France, with a series of appearances to UEFA and partners, from now until the playoffs.

Super Victor has the same name... as a sextoy! https://t.co/bnQphSjiEU #Foot #Euro2016 pic.twitter.com/LaGzokXOhQ

Google Maps made the delights of many Turks to mark the city of Çorum, in the region of Anatolia, as the geographic center of the Earth's surface.

The search engine company has stated that the position of the geographic center of the entire Earth's surface was 40° 52 34/52.167° N 34° E, located in a rural part of Çorum, Anadolu news agency reported the June 15.

Çorum had previously been noted as being theoretically the center of t he Earth in previous calculations.

According to the calculations made by physicist Andrew j. Woods in 1973, in San Diego, the Earth's geographic center was marked the 150 kilometres south-east of the Turkish capital, Ankara.

Latest calculations made from a digital model of the Earth's surface by Holger Isenberg, in 2003, set the Center and marked the city of Çorum as being the geographical centre of the world.

Geographical centre of all land surfaces on Earth: Çorum, Turkey… pic.twitter.com/nAVBlGgjim

Proof that the best show in Las Vegas doesn't have to cost a penny was the spectacular demolition of the 24-story tower of the legenda ry Riviera Hotel and Casino.

Early Tuesday, teams activated the explosives in Monaco Tower of the complex, reducing the 24 floors to dust and rubble in seconds. The demolition of the Tower Monte Carlo is scheduled for later this summer. Once a place where one could find Frank Sinatra, Liberace or Barbra Streisand, the location will receive soon exhibitions about credit management and legislative implementation meetings as part of the revamped the city's Convention Center.

A tweet from the grandson became viral after having published a photo of the screen video computer. The photo showed that phrases such as "thank you" and "please" were used when I was looking for in the search engine.

Ben John, the grandson of Wigan, Englan d, noticed in a recent survey of the grandmother, of 86 years and couldn't resist sharing a photo on the social networking site Twitter.

Omg opened my Nan’s laptop and when she’s googled something she’s put ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. I can’t ������ pic.twitter.com/hiy2tecBjU

When Ben asked her grandmother, May, Ashworth bothers to say "thank you" and "please", the lady replied "that was the norm to find". So Google learned of the story, answered kindly:

Dear Grandma, No thanks necessary. �� Sincerely, Googlehttps://t.co/vedrVek8nb

If you ever got nervous because the boss appeared just at the time when upda ted OKCupid profile, so consider yourself lucky.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, recently visited the offices of Virgin Australia and found an employee to take a NAP on a couch: "I showed up at the Office and at the airport to say hello and see what was the team to do. This guy wasn't doing much or even nothing-I caught him sleeping on the job! "wrote the founder of Virgin.

The Manager of 65 years seemed to react very well to any incident. "To be honest, he was on the picket line, have a bit of well-deserved rest," added Branson.

But beyond the joke, the NAP this employee isn't something you should play. Its ability to resonate in the middle of the airport's lobby with some colleagues to look makes him more emplo yee of the month than lazy worker.

That horrible moment when Richard Branson catches you sleeping at work: https://t.co/Bu1awj699c pic.twitter.com/ujP2LJhwRS


Podolski defends public itching (l) ica Löw

Euro 2016 mascot, Super Victor, has the same name as a sex toy

Google points out, in Turkey, Çorum as the center of the Earth

Riviera Las Vegas building goes down in a spectacular demolition

Grandmother well educated say please and thank you when you use the Google

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