segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2016

Spain: PP wins elections without majority and claims "right to rule"

According to the final results, the PP will have obtained 137 seats in Parliament, more 13 than in the last elections.

One result away from the absolute majority, but which led Mariano Rajoy to "claim the right to rule", during the victory speech tonight, at party headquarters in Madrid.

Thanks to all the members of the @PPopular, the victory is yours and Spaniards who have believed in this project. By #España, #Afavor

The Socialists of the PSOE maintained the second place (85 seats), even after they lost five seats in Parliament.

The coalition between the party an ti-austeridade Can and Izquierda Unida maintains the same number of votes that allows you to snatch away the same number of seats, 71.

Ciudadanos formation, in last place in the ballot, loses eight seats in Parliament to have managed to get 32 seats.

According to the final results, only the PP won votes in respect of the last suffrage, and after rejecting a proposed Government after the ballot.

PP has only uploaded on votes

A setting that, according to the analysts, should not allow the country get out of the impasse which marked the last suffrage, when no party has managed to present a viable coalition to the country.

And now what? Guide to miss in the Covenants of the 26J

In the last six months the political landscape in Spain has changed radically. Since the return to democracy in the late 70 that Conservatives and Socialists alternated in power. However, the austerity measures imposed by Brussels came to change this balance which in turn led to the redrawing of the political landscape on the left.

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