sábado, 11 de junho de 2016

Turkey: the Kurdistan freedom Falcons Group Warns tourists that the country is not safe

A car bomb hit against a police bus on Tuesday (June 7) at the center of the city during rush hour, near one of the main tourist areas of Istanbul.

A bomb rips through police bus near Istanbul killing 11 https://t.co/aPEBv7bmr7 pic.twitter.com/4nM9fsJpRg

The authorities announced, already, a strengthening of security in the city, highlighting more 5 1000 police officers.

The Turkey is the sixth biggest tourist destination in the world. The visitors suffered an abrupt break in the last few months, with deteriorating security.

In the statement, disseminated on the internet, th e TAK claims that the attack aimed to "avenge the dirty war in Kurdistan", perpetrated by Turkish forces.

#TURKEY Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (#TAK) Claims Responsibility For A Suicide Bombing In #Istanbul . #TerrorMonitor pic.twitter.com/ShShmNeHbM

The Kurdistan freedom Falcons have links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers ' Party (PKK).

Peace negotiations between the PKK and the Government collapsed, in 2015, unleashing the worst wave of violence in the southeast of the country, since the 1990.

Thousands of militants and hundreds of security officers died.

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