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Virginia Raggi: "Rome changes if the Romans change"

Virginia Raggi is the new mayor of Rome. The lawyer for 37 years got 67.2% of the votes in the second round of the local elections. Was a candidate of the movement 5 Stars critical policy formation of the ruling class, founded in 2009 by the comedian Beppe Grillo. His rival was Roberto wasn't Giachetti of the Democratic Party, the party of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The movement 5 Stars won the elections in Turin.

With a debt of about 13 1000 million euros, the Italian capital is on the brink of bankruptcy. If Raggi succeeds in governance, his party could become the main opposition force in 2018 legislative. Otherwise, the 5 Stars will lose force of attraction.

Virginia Raggi Let's start with ' treasure of wasted money ' that is equal to o ne million and 200,000 euros per year. We must recover this wasted money and convert it into public services. We will also have to negotiate the debt of Rome, which represents between 13 and 16 1000 million euros. We have to do an audit to understand exactly what the Committee appointed by the Government. And we need to renegotiate the interest rates-from today the cost of money is almost 0%, cannot pay interest rates that have been negotiated in 2008.

Simona Back will have to deal with the Government of Renzi and the Democratic Party, with which there were verbal clashes during the electoral campaign. This makes it more complicated.

Virginia Raggi Not personally. Always said that had a loyal and Frank relationship with the other institutions and of me entire availability exists. I said I'm willing to put a n end to the tone of the election campaign that the Democratic Party was very hard, especially for me. For me, no problem. Let's start again from now on and work in the interest of Rome and the Romans. I hope the same loyalty of the other institutions and the Prime Minister.

Simona Back would not clarify the issue of the legal advice made in 2012 to a public entity and declared in 2015? During the election campaign, not clarified and said he was being assaulted with mud. Now is the Mayor and voters require an answer, because it has made transparency your workhorse.

Virginia Raggi firstly, not legal advice, it was a task of legal assistance, which is very different. As a paralegal, fit me execute a judgment of the Court of Auditors stated that the unit of Health Administration (ASL-Azienda Sanitaria Locale) h ad been the victim of fraud by a doctor. Had paid more than I should and my task was to recover this money. They put it in 2012, I conducted a series of activities, presented invoice in 2014, this invoice has been entered in the accounts of the company, was issued a warrant for payment in 2015, they paid me in 2015 and entered in my tax returns. Follow all legal procedures that apply to the professionals.

Simona Back the Mafia Capitale seems to have penetrated everything in Rome. Criminal organizations are infiltrated in everything, with the complicity of politicians. How to change this and, above all, how to do to not get involved?

Virginia Raggi first of all, it is necessary to apply the law. As regards public procurement, we must implement the rules in force. Thus, all companies who want to work for the city of Rome in all sectors, may make proposals and can be chosen to best offer.

Simona Back Speaks of public tenders, but the problem is the infiltration of the mafia. It is not easy to delete criminal organizations.

Virginia Raggi Have to resort to all available systems: for example, the commitment not to link to the mob. The National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) has stated it will support the Rome administration. According to the report issued by President Cantone (the President of ANAC), which examined about of 1500 contracts i.e., 10% of all contracts, 90% of the contracts examined was illegal, in addition to violate any rule of common sense. It is clear that the retail malfunctioned for years and now must return to legality.

Simona Back "the suburbs of Rome became a place of social exclusion. Some European cities are reviewing a model that didn't work and that led to ghettos. I'm thinking of cities like Amsterdam or Hamburg, where the new model of social housing seeks to encourage the social mix. It's too late for Rome?

Virginia Raggi I don't think so, but Rome has to begin now to connect the suburbs to the Centre. We understand not only the geographical belt suburbs outside of the city, but all areas away from the Center and therefore deprived of most important services â€" transportation, essential services to the movies or the theater. The suburbs have become bedrooms, outside those dormitories have completely empty apartment blocks. No, it's not too late, but action is needed.

Simona Back and how to act, with thi s budget?

Virginia Raggi first, recover the waste.

Simona Back "I don't know if I should congratulate him for the victory, because it will govern a complex and complicated city like Rome and is a truly daunting task. Not afraid that any failure of this governance experience in Rome lay on the ground all the aspirations of the movement 5 Stars?

Virginia Raggi Believe that citizens, with this vote, and particularly in Rome, has already stated clearly the firm will commit themselves in changing the city. This determination should not be underestimated. During the last three years of opposition and the three-month election campaign, said whenever Rome changes if the Romans change. We will succeed if we do things together. So I a m very confident that the experience will be positive. It's going to take some time, because we have no magic wand and they left us a truly city into rubble, truly in rubble. But I am very confident that, step by step, we will be able to reverse the course of a system that runs against the wall. Must be reset on the tracks and pointed to a future in which the needs of citizens are a priority.

Simona Back after Paris and Madrid, Rome is the third European capital with a woman in the Government. Is it a coincidence?

Virginia Raggi I don't know if it's a coincidence. I'd say that's a good sign, a sign of the changing times. It means that the people are ready to launch on a new adventure and I hope that is a first step towards a kind of gender policies that are always viewed with distaste but should return to t he center of the public agenda.

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