quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2016

Council of Orthodox churches in Crete without the presence of Kirill I of Moscow

One of the missing is the most important representative by the number of believers, Kirill I of Moscow, who is among those who have decided to boycott the event.

After two years of preparation, the first Orthodox Council since 787 seemed, at first, have your guaranteed success, until the Bulgarian Orthodox Church asked the meeting had place later, which totaled the Syria, Russian and Georgian churches.

The Serbian Church, which began by saying that does not participate in the meeting in Crete, just by being there, arousing the ire of Moscow.

The Patriarch Kirill I justified the decision not to participate in the "fear that the Council divide the Orthodox co mmunity rather than unite it."

The 14 Orthodox churches in the world coexist independently, although a few standards and assume a common belief. All churches comply with the Patriarch of Constantinople (the ancient name of the modern city of Istanbul, Turkey), Bartholomew I.

However, political tensions and power-sharing within the Church continue to mark the relations between that which is regarded as the leader of the Orthodox Church-Constantinople-and the Patriarchate with the greatest number of faithful-Russia.

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