quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2016

Who recommends cigarettes neutral

The Australia was the first country to adopt the Pack neutral. "In France, the new packs began to be sold": https://www.francebleu.fr/infos/sante-sciences/donnez votre avis-les-mesures-anti-tabac-sont-elles-efficaces-1464618371 and will gradually replace the old ones.

31 May: World #NoTobacco Day �� Plain packaging of tobacco products can ⬇ demand, save lives https://t.co/H0M5UHxsnqhttps://t.co/0c5xsi55Zf

In Beijing, China, the day is celebrated when the law to ban smoking in certain public places a year ago: "there are still some places where people flee to the ban, bars, for example. But, in General, law enforcement is going well. We have to educate people to realize the harm of smoking and of second-hand smoke. Beijing is to apply th e rules, "says Bernhard Schwartlander, who representative in China.

In Portugal, also according to the who, the figures cited by the Portuguese Foundation of Cardiology, about a quarter of the population who smoke and are mainly men those most take the cigarette to his mouth.

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