terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2016

Hissène Habré conviction, known as "African Pinochet", divides opinions

The former President of Chad, Hissène Habré, has not expressed any reaction to the sentencing to life imprisonment, this Monday, in court, but outside the building multiplied the comments on the verdict.

Hissène Habré "never imagined that one day I would be in court. We struggled and our sacrifices have paid off, "Clement Abaifouta, President of the Chadian Association of Victims of Political Repression and Crime (AVCRP).

Fatime Thiangdoum, one of the victims, added: "Hissène Habré Declare guilty is all I care about. It's not compensation. The compensation later. "

Habré was found guilty of committing crimes against humanity and torture. During the ten ure of former President of Chad reported about 40 1000 political assassinations and more than 200 1000 cases of torture.

The reading of the verdict dragged along almost 1 hour. In Dakar lived a historical journey in the opinion of some.

"This is a strong example to all those who hold power in Africa and to those who aspire to power. Currently you can't violate so massive human rights, get away with it and sleep soundly, "said Assane Ndiaye Language, lawyer of the victims,

The lawyer of the former President of Chad, Ibrahim Diawara, expected another outcome: "we are very disappointed because with everything that has been achieved during the trial and the way we have proved the innocence of President Habré, who was the target of false accusations, we expected the acquittal."

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