sábado, 2 de julho de 2016

#Brexit: Application of Gove take Boris Johnson to resign the leadership of the United Kingdom

So friends who were in the campaign by "brexit, now Boris Johnson, the former favorite to the succession of David Cameron, and Michael Gove, until recently seen as number 2 and surprise candidate now, even at the same table must be able to sit. Shortly after the announcement of candidacy of Gove on Thursday morning, Johnson faced the media, but not to launch as expected on race, but rather to leave the boat.

After the referendum of a week ago when the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union, Prime Minister David Cameron, supporter of permanence, announced the resignation â€" effective in October â€" and the race for succession began, knowing that the future leader of the Conservative Party will also be the interim Prime Minister who will lead the negotiations with Brussels European block's output. In this particula r, Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London and the main face among conservatives in supporting the "brexit" cards as the favorite, with the support of Gove, the current Minister of Justice.

Tomorrow’s front page: BorisJohnson's career has been shot to pieces by Brexit comrade Michael Gove <a href="https://t.co/J9S7oWsalK">pic.twitter.com/J9S7oWsalK</a><p>â€" The Sun (TheSun) 30 de junho de 2016

The expected number 2 decided to pre-empt and hanging the "friend", which would have difficulty in generating consensus among the comrades. "Boris is a fantastic and impressive person, but I noticed in recent days that it is unable to put together a team and provide Union. So, reluctantly, but firmly, I came to the conclusion that, as someone who has argued from the start that we should leave the European Union, I have to move on to the leadership of the conservative party ", announced Michael Gove.

Shortly after, Boris Johnson surprised the Conservative activists, posing as pawn in this confusing game of chess. "My role will be to support possible for the next Conservative Executive, make sure that we fulfill the mandate given to us by the people in the referendum and defend the agenda in what I believe," he said.

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