sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2016

Turkey: Terrorists at the airport were jihadists from former Soviet republics

Were identified the perpetrators of the terrorist attack at the airport Atatük-according to the Turkish authorities, were originating in the autonomous region of Dagestan and the former Soviet republics of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Ankara points to the responsibility of the terrorist organization "Islamic State". Although the modus operandi at the airport Atatük presents many similarities with the jihadi attacks in Paris and in Brussels, claimed the attack, not Daesh as never claimed any terrorist attack on Turkish territory.

Social networks circulating several videos and pictures of the bombing last Tuesday, which made at least 43 deaths and more than 230 wounded

A video obtained by the Turkish newspaper Birgun shows passengers and airport staff on the run and a man dressed in black, images shot by surveillance cameras during the terrorist attack. According to the newspaper, the images are of the check-in area of the Atatük international airport.

However, this Thursday, the Turkish police in Istanbul arrested 13 people, three of them foreigners, and nine others at Smyrna. Are suspected of complicity with the perpetrators of the terrorist attack at the airport of Istanbul.

The Turkish daily Yeni Safak assigns the responsibility for organizing the bombing at the airport in Istanbul to Akhmed Chatayev, Chechen identified in the United Nations list as one of the strategists Daesh in charge of military training of the extremists of the "Islamic State" of Rus sian language. The Turkish daily Hürriyet adds that one of the suicide bombers was a jihadist originally from a former Soviet Republic coming from Kind, in Syria, and identifies him as Osman Vadinov.

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