sábado, 9 de julho de 2016

Dallas: "the most serious attack since the death of JFK"

The authorities have closed down several areas of the city centre after the attack, pointed to as an ambush against several police officers by at least two snipers.

A witness reports,

"They started firing from the left side, about three blocks from the courthouse. And I saw everyone running, when they started the shooting of automatic weapon. It was a very violent scene, people running everywhere with your hands in the air ".

Another resident says:

"I was born and grew up in Dallas and I think this is the most serious situation that we live in this city after the assassinati on of John Kennedy. View the town closed to the public is a surreal and unbelievable ".

According to the latest information, the 12 (updated after statements by the Mayor of Dallas, MIke Rawlings) cops hit by the attack, at least five have died. The exchange of fire lasted until 11 a.m. local 3:30, after the police have neutralized the last striker.

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