domingo, 10 de julho de 2016

NATO approves sending four battalions to the Eastern Europe

"Russia cannot and should not be isolated": a message left in Warsaw by Jens Stoltenberg, on the same day that NATO Secretary General announced the mobilization of four battalions in four countries of the Eastern European members of the Atlantic Alliance.

At a press conference, Stoltenberg has formalized the strengthening military presence in Eastern Europe, explaining that Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will count next year, with battalions "multinationals" on the basis of turnover. United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany will lead, respectively, the quotas in each of the four countries.

At the Warsaw Summit, the Secretary-General of the Atlantic Alliance said that NATO members agreed in a multinational military presence in Romania, under Romanian leadership.

Stoltenberg explained that strengthening the East is important to demonstrate the strength of the Alliance and strengthen the deterrent capacity, but addressed the fears of Moscow, adding that NATO "is not looking for confrontation" and continues "to look for a constructive dialogue with Russia, which is the [his] biggest neighbor and a permanent member of the UN Security Council , with an important role in security challenges within and around Europe ".

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