domingo, 10 de julho de 2016

Syria: Deadly clashes mark final day of truce

The locality of Darkush, controlled by the rebels along the border with Turkey, in the province of Idlib, was targeted by air raids from the Syrian regime, which resulted in at least 23 dead, including 10 women and two children, and an undetermined number of serious injuries.

In Aleppo, the country's second largest city, rebel attacks against the army-controlled areas resulted in deaths of at least 25 civilians and wounded 120 others, according to the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

Divided between the areas controlled by the West and East zones dominated by the rebellion, Aleppo is one of the main focuses of conflict in Syria.

Damascus's forces were abl e to cut the road to Castello, the supply route to the last rebel neighborhoods of the city.

The Syrian regime released Friday images recorded on the eve of a visit by President Bashar al-Assad to wounded soldiers in the province of Homs, on the occasion of the festivities of the end of Ramadan, the justification given by Damascus to the 72-hour truce announced on Wednesday.

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