quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2016

France: Committee of inquiry into the attacks proposed reforms of the security services

The rapporteur, Sebastien Pietrasanta said that "the goal is not to point the finger at anyone, but help to improve the fight against terrorism".

The document focuses on three fundamental aspects: the work of security forces and intrevenção forces, the aid and the information services.

"Let me pay tribute to the courage, selflessness and professionalism of our intervention forces, the BRI, the GIGN RAID. Independenteente of rivalries, these intervention forces rescued hostages every time they acted, "said Sébastien Pietrasanta.

The rivalry is the problem that puts the juxtaposition of the three intervention groups. The GIGN, the oldest, is an elite group o f the National Guard, the military aspect, while the RAID is a police force. The two bodies are to intervene, while the BRI is a judicial police unit, research and intervention at the same time. The report proposes the merger of these forces

"The investigation found that the aid arrived between 3 to 10 minutes to all locations of the attacks on the night of 13 November and proposes the creation of a corridor of extraction of victims in an exclusion zone composed of rescuers are protected by security forces," said Pietrasanta.

The aid is another of the key points. Yet you made it quickly, there were flaws. Security flaws and problems of access to areas blocked by intervention forces. On the other hand, the care of the wounded and the psychological was insufficient, as well as the monitoring of victims that ha ve suffered injuries.

"Let Us remember that the November 13 attack comes essencialy of francophone Belgians. Faced with this reality quisémos know the route of the terrorists who attacked our French territory. They were all well known were identified and some were guarded ".

To the question of the secret services, the proposals are more concrete. Many authors of the attacks of January 7 as of November 13 were known, which shows flaws in both the internal and external information services.

The report advises the deep restructuring and merging of various services in order to improve coordination. On the other hand calls for strengthening of the penitentiary, taking into account information that the prisons are fertile ground for radicalisation.

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