quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2016

Referendum campaign kicks off in Hungary

"One of the main conclusions of the Executive after the Brexit is the voice of the people must be heard and the referendum in the United Kingdom is being used in the campaign here in Hungary. The Government intends to strengthen the power with this in the European Union and say that this is what most people want "refers to Edit Policy Analyst Zgut.

To curb the entry of migrants in the country, the Hungarian Government has revised the migratory law and ordered to erect walls at the borders with Serbia and Croatia. Now, and during the campaign for the referendum the Prime Minister intends to use the strategy of fear and send a message that among the refugees there are also terrorists.

Andrea Hajagos: "the campaign officially begins now. In add ition to the ruling parties, probably also the far-right Jobbik will campaign in Brussels. Already the left parties promise to fight for Yes. "

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