sábado, 9 de julho de 2016

Italy: Jailed Nigerian immigrant killer

Mancini will have dead Namdi the iron bar moves when it wanted to defend the woman of racist slurs from Italian. The immigrant went into irreversible coma and eventually died in hospital on Wednesday.

The authorities found that on the night of July 5 Mancini insulted and assaulted the Namdi companion, Chinyery. The Nigerian reacted tipping aggressor, but this rose, gave him a punch, he threw him to the ground and beat him with an iron bar to the unconscious. The incident took place in Fermo, in the Centre of Italy. Arrested after the murder, the suspect was at large until this Thursday.

Namdi had 36 years, entered in Italy with Chinyery last September, after having made the swim in the Mediterranean. Both Christians, fled the fundament alist group Boko Haram, killed relatives of the couple.

The two lived in a Catholic seminary in Fermo, a reception centre of Caritas. The murder itself and the Italian society for a growing racism and xenophobia in reaction to the crisis. In Fermo, a town with 37000 inhabitants, four churches that receive migrants seeking refuge have been targets of attacks with homemade bombs between February and may this year.

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