quarta-feira, 13 de julho de 2016

United Kingdom: the difficult task of the new Prime Minister

Theresa May, the new leader of the conservative party and that this Wednesday assumes the post of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, have an arduous task ahead of us.

Besides having to negotiate the departure of the country of the European Union, already dubbed the "new Margaret Thatcher" will have to unite the rival factions within the "Tories"

"She is conscious of the need to unite the party and I think it's going to put together a team that will do the right thing for the country. It's not an easy challenge. I'm confident that is what we will see in the next 48 hours. Of course you can't have a remodel of the Executive until the new Prime Minister is, in fact, the Prime Minister, "said the leader of the House of Commons, Chris Grayling.

David Cameron let the small door policy, after being defeated in the referendum which gave victory to the "Brexit".

The process will be initiated by the new Chief Executive. The European continent comes a warning from German Chancellor ...

"The task of the new Prime Minister, who will take over the post soon, will obtain clarity about what kind of relationship the United Kingdom wants to build with the European Union. (…) The Germany exports 800,000 cars to Britain per year. This means that each Member State has the same goal. (…) Therefore, we will conduct negotiations together, in order to reduce the effects on all of us, "says Angela Merkel.

The United Kingdom's future depends on how the negotiations will flow out of the country of the European Union.

Brussels warned London that to maintain free access to the single market, there are requirements that must be met, such as the free movement of persons.

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