quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2016

Beijing does not intend to give up the South China Sea

Beijing claims to have "the right" to establish an "air defense identification zone" in the South China Sea, a day after an International Court ruled against its claims in the strategic waters.

China reiterates its territorial claims in the region, which extends for almost the entire coast of neighboring countries, after the Permanent Court of arbitration at the Hague have decided in favor of the Philippines, considering that there is no legal basis for the claim of Beijing.

"As to whether China will declare an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the South China Sea, first of all, we must make it clear that China has the right to do so".

Leaders of Euro pean Union and Chinese leaders met in Beijing on Tuesday, at a time of global uncertainty about the Brexit and pressure for European enterprises have better access to the Chinese market.

Beijing boycotted the proceedings of the Permanent Court of arbitration, stating that this instance does not have jurisdiction to rule, and has launched a diplomatic offensive to try to discredit and advertising decision.

The Chinese authorities claim sovereignty over most of the South China Sea, on the basis of a line which appears in Chinese maps since 1940, and has invested in major operations in the area, turning coral reef in ports, runways and other infrastructure.

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