quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2016

Foreigners flee south Sudan arrived in Nairobi

The country's military leaders called for a cease-fire, this Monday, but fears of a new civil war.

Just on Friday, 300 people died.

"When the shooting started, everyone tried to hide. No one can move, that means getting on the front line. If you're at home, you have to stay at home and make sure it is in a place with walls because the bullets hit houses, "said a Kenyan.

The conflict between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and supporters of Vice-President Riek Macha have caused tens of thousands of dead and about 3,000,000 of IDPs.

The World Food Program warned that t hree quarters of the population in need of humanitarian aid.

The UN is "very worried" by the prospect of new fighting. "We continue to be very concerned about the risk of violence back and we're afraid that extends to other parts of the country," said the person in charge of the maintenance of the country Hervé Ladsous.

#SouthSudan: Humanitarian Coordinator calls for unhindered access to assist people in #Juba https://t.co/8QIrmxr99G pic.twitter.com/2pFoKXowbM

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