quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2016

Theresa May introduces new Executive

Begin to be announced appointments to the Government of Theresa May.

Boris Johnson, mayor of London ' old, was appointed as the next Foreign Minister.

Johnson was a bumbling proponent of United Kingdom's output of the European Union. However, it is expected that its role in the negotiations with the European bloc is limited since it May create a new ministerial position focused on ' Brexit '.

David Davis is responsible for leading the negotiations with the European Union. He who refused to join the Cameron Government, will be the Secretary of State with the "Brexit" folder.

P hilip Hammond, until now Minister of Foreign Affairs, replaces George Osborne and assumes the folder.

George Osborne, Finance Minister since 2010 and close ally of David Cameron, is out.

Liam Fox, the Defense Minister in 2010-2011 among other governmental functions, is the new Secretary of State for international trade.

Michael Fallon keeps the folder.

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