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United Kingdom: Michael Gove argues that next Prime Minister should be someone who stood up for "Brexit"

Gove was one of the main leaders of the campaign by "Brexit", which won the referendum last week.

LATEST: Michael Gove positions himself as the “candidate for change.” Read more (free): https://t.co/04UHeKRTat pic.twitter.com/bEaRtDExdY

"This referendum was about democratic accountability, the principle that politicians must respond, as directly as possible to the people who elected them. Therefore, I believe that the next Prime Minister has to be on the winning side of this argument. Simply put, the best person to lead Britain out of the European Union is someone who argued for taking Britain in the European Union ", defended.

The words of Michael Gove h ad targeted the Interior Minister, Theresa May, who campaigned for the "stay" and is singled out as the candidate best placed to take the place left vacant by David Cameron.

Please join my campaign & let’s rebuild a country that works for everyone who was born here https://t.co/KXW9ppZxBb pic.twitter.com/7YCtCcWnyp

The candidacy of Michael Gove caught by surprise the former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who gave up running. Gove, had until then as its main ally, said he entered the race, claiming that Johnson doesn't have the necessary qualities to lead the conservative party and the Government.

#UPDATE Boris Johnson rules himself out of British leadership race https://t.co/y4MA9c3oYR pic.twitter.com/YOe4KRlFxq

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