segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2016

USA: Police used demining robot to shoot down Dallas shooter

The Dallas Police Department became on Thursday the first in the world to use a robot to kill a suspect during a shootout.

The security forces used a demining robot to transport an explosive charge that victimized Micah Jonhsson, the 25-year shooter who shot down five cops on the sidelines of a demonstration against police brutality.

A strategy of last resort, which raises several ethical questions about the use of robots with lethal purposes, after the reservations expressed in recent months by several leading scientists about the so-called "killer robots".

According to the Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings: "the same robotic system used to disable bombs from a distance was used to put C4 on the spot and detonate it. We had the chance to leave the premises without injuring the shooter or continue the operation with that risk and chose the last possibility ".

The American media realize this Saturday that the suspect shot by police would have been kicked out of the army after having served for several months in Afghanistan.

In the House of Micah Johnsson would authorities discovered several weapons and explosives, as well as plans for the ambush on Thursday.

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