segunda-feira, 19 de maio de 2014

British confesses distant European elections

The British vote next Thursday but, in London, many confess ignorance from what's going on in the European Parliament.

A young man says he knows "nothing" about the election and that "the British don't really know what's going on in Europe".

Another Briton says "there is not sufficient transparency about what goes on in Brussels, not on how it relates to people" who live in the United Kingdom.

A poll published by The Independent newspaper indicates that the independence party UKIP is the most voted, after other opinion studies have indicated that the formation of Nigel Farage would get in these elections the best ever result.

For the political activist Katie Ghose, the "division between British voters and the European Affairs" is exemplified by the fact that "95 percent of voters do not know who your MEP, what's shocking". The Executive Director of the Electoral Reform Society argues that the solution is "to change the voting system, that does not please the parties or voters."

Two polls reveal, however, that currently more than half of Britons prefer to remain in the European Union.

The Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, has promised a referendum in 2017 about maintenance or community block output if it is re-elected next year.

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