quarta-feira, 21 de maio de 2014

Juncker on Merkel's shadow

Jean-Claude Juncker does not appear on the posters of the party, and is less popular than the Socialist Martin Schulz, but everything indicates that take the better of the main political opponents in Germany.

"Wouldn't be elected President of the European Commission with the votes from the far right. If it were elected by fascists, racists or people who do not accept others as they are, could not accept the victory "refers to Jean-Claude Juncker, candidate of the European people's Party (PPE) to the Commission.

In second place in voting intentions, Martin Schulz, the Socialist candidate makes an appeal:

"It is up to the voters to prevent the entry of the extreme right represented by the NPD, National Democratic Party of Germany, in the European Parliament. Avoid the defenders of Hitler's ideology from polluting the name of Germany "

The alternative for Germany, that party assumed as "eurorealista" and I even invited Portugal out of the single currency, this third spot at the top of the preferences. With six percent of intentions to vote comes the 33 points away from the Christian Democrats of Angela Merkel.

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