segunda-feira, 19 de maio de 2014

Switzerland: categorical ' no ' to the highest minimum wage in the world

According to the official results of the referendum, more than 76 percent of Swiss rejected the introduction of a minimum wage of 22 Swiss francs per hour, about 18 euros.

Who voted "Yes", says that "the country can support the measure" proposed by trade unions with the support of the Socialists and the Greens. An initiative that was intended to reduce poverty, fight against the ' dumping ' of pay that affects many immigrants and against the pay gap between men and women.

The ' no ' vote managed to convince all the cantons that the minimum wage would destroy jobs.

For a representative of bosses, "is the second obvious refusal to state intervention in the wage issues. It seems that, in the future, the population wants the wages and working conditions are negotiated between employers and workers, "said Heinz Karrer.

In recent months, Switzerland has rejected the introduction of a ceiling to the salaries of bosses and approved the introduction of quotas for immigrants.

Workers in the sectors of cleaning, catering and hospitality were the ones who had more to gain from the introduction of the minimum wage in a country where 2000 euros per month is a poverty wage.

In Sunday's referendum, the Swiss also said ' no ' to the purchase of Gripen fighter jets 22, manufactured by Sweden's Saab.

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