segunda-feira, 19 de maio de 2014

Turkey: mining company officials formally accused

Three leaders of Turkish mining company "Sum Holding" were formally charged with "multiple homicide through negligence" and will await trial in prison. Of the other 22 suspects from the mining tragedy Tuesday in Turkey, six were released but remain under investigation.

The company ensures compliance with all safety rules.

The authorities suspect that the spontaneous heating of coal have been at the origin of the tragedy.

The mining disaster triggered numerous protests, demonstrations that they do feel in Istanbul and Ankara.

"Today we are gathered here to honor the miners who perished in Sum. It was declared a period of national mourning across the country, but I don't think it's enough to declare national mourning, this should be seen as the beginning of a fight, "says one protester.

The protests may continue, but the funeral ceremonies of 301 fatalities are completed.

To contain protests, authorities sent special troops to the mining town of Sum that are with all access controlled.

The protesters accuse the Government of being negligent in enforcing safety rules.

The mine had been the subject of an inspection six months ago.

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