quinta-feira, 1 de maio de 2014

Ukraine: inhabitants of Slaviansk March on May 1 for a referendum

The manifestation of this may day also served to demonstrate the support of the inhabitants of Slaviansk the referendum scheduled for May 11 and aims to make the region independent of Kiev:

"There is no doubt that I will participate in the referendum of May 11 and will say" Yes "to independence of the National Republic of Donetsk", says an inhabitant of this city.

"The program that imposes us Turchinov, in Kiev, is not the appropriate program. We can end hung with this type of program. Everything is increasingly expensive, "complained another resident.

In Sloviansk still retained OSCE observers. The talks to end this impasse continue but the auto-proclamadas authorities do not speak about it:

"We agreed not to talk about our position until we get to a decision. So I have no problem, "says Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, self-proclaimed Mayor of Slaviansk.

Slaviansk is a city in Eastern Ukraine, with 130 thousand inhabitants, which has become a military fortress for the pró-Rússia movement in early April and is fully controlled by separatist groups.

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