quarta-feira, 18 de junho de 2014

American Court decision can take the new Argentina crisis

The country can re-enter in default of debt, after the u.s. Supreme Court have rejected Argentina's resources to pay 1.3 billion dollars to various risk funds, or hedge funds.

The Buenos Aires Government promises not to give in to what claims to be a blackmail on the part of international finance: "let's send our lawyers talk to the judge â€" is what I'm doing, on behalf of the President. On the one hand, I want to take steps to achieve a restructuring in the light of the local laws. Then, I want to talk to the judge Griesa for him to explain what you mean when you say that this decision does not push Argentina into a new breach ".

The population came out to the streets in demonstrations in support of President Cristina Kirchener policy.

The Argentina has been slowly recovering from the crisis that followed the failure of debt decreed in 2001 and was preparing to return to the markets when it came to American Court decision.

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