quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2014

D-day celebrations bring tourists to Normandy

This summer, expect more than eight million visitors. For now, those who give more conspicuous are collectors of wartime vehicles: "since I was 10 years old I like to play army men, my father was deported, so the memories are very strong. Several family members belonged to the resistance and we have this duty to perpetuate the memory, "says a Belgian collector.

Along the coast of Normandy there are 15 fields where focus these collectors of military vehicles.

Normandy, in particular the beaches used in the landing and the military cemetery attracts every year thousands of visitors Americans: "for me, as a mother, it's devastating to know what happened here and how many young people have died," says a woman.

But the most important visitors are veterans of the landings of 70 years ago, which due to advanced age are less and less.

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