quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2014

Putin urges United States to present evidence of Russian presence in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin said Washington mind when claims to have evidence of Russian military presence in the East of Ukraine. The Russian President stated that "if they have evidence, they should show them. They all saw us Secretary of State to show the UN Security Council the alleged evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; showed a tube with a substance that could be simply detergent. It's one thing to say, another is to offer evidence ".

Putin has shown itself willing to engage in dialogue with the new Ukrainian President, Petro Porochenko as well as with all other stakeholders, during the ceremonies of the 70 anniversary of the Allied landing on Normadia.

The Russian President said Porochenko has a unique opportunity, because your hands are not dirty with blood, can still end the retaliatory operation and start a direct dialogue with the citizens of the South and East of Ukraine.

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