quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2014

Libya: Swiss Red Cross Worker murdered

Michael Greub, who had previously worked on missions in Iraq or in Sudan, was responsible for the Red Cross sub-delegation in the town of Misrata and had been in a meeting with two other co-workers in a building of the organism, in Sirte. Outside, the vehicle that followed the three was attacked by armed men.

The International Red Cross confirmed the death and a spokesman for the organization based in Switzerland showed that "they followed in a car destroyed, without the emblem of the Red Cross". "The decision to remove the emblem was taken because there was a problem of interpretation of the red cross symbol by some sectors of society Libya", explained Wolde-Gabriel Saugeron, in Geneva.

Michael Greub was shot in the chest and head, still arrived with life to the local hospital, where he eventually died. The two colleagues escaped unharmed from the attack, but were in shock.

In Tripoli, the capital, the target was the Office of Prime Minister Ahmed Maiteeq. A group of armed men fired a grenade that hit a kitchen on the same floor of the ruler's Office, who was not at the scene. There's no record of casualties in the attack.

In Benghazi, finally, a suicide bombing hit the headquarters of Khalifa Haftar, the dissident general who worked under the orders of Gaddafi and that has been leading in recent weeks an offensive against Islamist groups in the East of Libya. Three people died and four were injured in this attack on the House of Khalifah Haftar. The general escaped.

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