terça-feira, 10 de junho de 2014

Day of protest in Hungary by the freedom of the press

The demonstrators gathered near Parliament, shouting: free press!

"This is what is called a limitation of freedom of the press, and not with a law or a decree, but with intimidation that is even worse."

"I think if there are many demonstrations like this, the Government can listen to the voice of the people, and even if the Government does not admit his guilt, sooner or later will have to change things, at least I hope so."

Critics have accused Fidesz of limiting the freedom of the press and democratic control and counterweights, charges that he denies.

Advertising serves as main source of income for the media industry. The advertising tax proposal will ruin most media companies, "said the Association.

Hungary's main television and commercial radio station, several other private channels and online media sites out of the air for 15 minutes on Thursday night, in protest against the tax that would be imposed on its revenue this year if the law is approved by Parliament.

Antal Rogan, head of Fidesz ' parliamentary group, told MTI national news agency on Thursday that the sectors that made significant profits, as the publicity should help relieve the tax burden of the country.

Fidesz party of Orban won 133 of the 199 seats in Parliament during the elections held in April, repeating their landslide victory of 2010, and just enough to pass far-reaching reforms in his own country, without the support of opposition parties.

In his first four-year term, Orban has imposed heavy special charges on banks, energy, telecommunications and retail companies in their attempt to reduce the budget deficit. Orban promised more of the same policies if re-elected.

The tax would increase gradually to a rate of 40 per cent of annual revenues of over 20 billion guilders (89.57 million dollars), according to the proposed legislation, which was published on the website of the Parliament.

It was not clear when Parliament will vote on the new law.

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