segunda-feira, 16 de junho de 2014

France: continues to strike in the railway sector

In France the unions of railway sector continued the strike for another day.

The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, holds executive positions on the reform of the sector and asked the unions to end the strike.

The law project which aims at restructuring the industry will begin to be debated this week in the National Assembly.

"This strike is not useful. For 18 months we have dialogue with trade unions and this strike is not liable to the current situation in the country and, even more, on the day that students begin University access exams. It's time to stop, "said Manuel Valls.

The Executive provides for the merger of the national company of railroad with the railway network of France, the company that manages and maintains the infrastructure.

The Prime Minister warned the unions that users "are hard-working and I can't take it anymore".

"Six days late. The company has already warned me. I tell them it's because of the strike, but the boss is already sick, "said one user.

According to the Government, the reform seeks to stabilize the debt of the rail sector and prepare the full opening to competition from private companies. The unions fear the presence of new private operators and require a thorough review of the project.

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